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PathCare, PLLC understands when a loved one dies and you wonder why; you deserve more than a medical guess by an attending or primary care physician. Closure and peace of mind for families help loved ones accept the death by understanding the cause of death, determined only by autopsy.

Non-Emergency Transport

When you need a helping hand.  Our transport services will ensure your safe arrival.

About Us

About Us

PathCare, PLLC is a medical service provider.  Our focus is on the family whether living or deceased.

Autopsy Service – PathCare, PLLC has on-staff anatomic and forensic trained pathologists providing post-mortem examinations, review of medical information along with lab results to determine the most accurate cause of death.  We currently offer this service in the State of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.

Transportation Service – PathCare, PLLC is in the beginning stages of implementing a Non-Emergency Transport Service.  The initial service are will include Bay and Walton Counties in the State of Florida.

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